VR Space has developed a world class graphics engines designed for customising critical infrastructure applications.

The engine is particularly designed for real-time incident response training and infrastructure visualisation. Built on the open source scene graph technology OpenSceneGraph, the Space Engine delivers visually stunning, commercially robust, performance optimised solutions customised for our customers’ unique operational requirements.

Our methodology enables us to customise the Space Engine to deliver our customers unique applications tailored to their needs and level of technical resources. Our software can be exploited across an organisation in planning, training and ongoing operations.

VR Space software products include:

Incident Engine Real-time interactive event creation system

Space View Real-time interactive visual database system

Our services include:

- Solution Design
- Application Development

    – 3D Environment and Event Modelling
    – Graphics & Control System Programming
    – Space Engine Customisation

    - Solution Implementation (Project Management / Installation / Training)
    - Support