VR Space is a visualisation and simulation specialist company. Our core expertise is the development of customised applications for critical industry customers including Policing, Mining, Energy, Security, Roads, Rail & Ports. Our team is a unique mix of graphics programmers, real-time modellers/artists and immersive display system specialists. And while we specialise in delivering turn key systems we are also available to provide world class projection system products, graphics programming services or real-time 3D modelling services to a range of non-core business applications.

The company was built on the belief that simulation and visualisation systems required specialised content and a delivery team with complete system knowledge to be successfully implemented.

Our mission is to work with our customers to focus on the content, and then build the right commercial quality system around it.

We have strategically partnered with Digital Projection, Scalable Displays and Immersive Displays to provide a high quality range of components and expertise to our customers.

Customers Include:

• Queensland Transport
• Vale
• Brisbane Airport Corporation
• Queensland Mines Rescue Service
• Queensland Police Academy
• Horizon Alliance
• Stockland
• Simtars – Queensland Department of Natural Resources and Mining
• Australian Attorney Generals Office
• Macquarie University
• University of Queensland
• Valiant Hire